Product information

I prepare a product in accord with the needs of the visitor from an existing product to custom tailoring in Xiroku.

Camera method touch panels

The touch products such as modules for postscript touch panel, touch sen circuit, integration.

Projected-Capacitive touch panels

Projected-Capacitive Touch panels

Sheet Sensor

World first electromagnetic induction method pressure distribution sheet sensors

Xiroku’s Skill

High sensitivity and high precision with proprietary CMOS image sensor. It also greatly strengthens the ambient light immunity, and it has the feature that cost performance is higher than other methods.

Xiroku’s Skill

Case Study

We introduce the use of products and activities of users.

Case Study

Movie introduction

We introduce motion demonstration etc of Xiroku's products by animation.

Supersized touch panel

New Sheet Sensor LL480x480 Demo

Pressure Sheet Sensor "LL sensor" Demo

Quad Sensor (4-camera) touch panel Demo

Shopwindow type touch panel Installation & Demo

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