Yoshiyuki Higuchi

In the past, devices such as pen tablet and tablet personal computer, “drawing and entering” were established as products, while handling important works as real time, showing and touching on a large screen There were no media that could be shared by work and hobbies at the time of 2005.

Yoshiyuki HiguchiThe motivation for introduction was fresh as a means to easily open up the production environment limited to 3D design, web video distribution, hardware and network to external clients and friends who are not familiar with personal computers.
Although it is cool to say pursue the inner side, it is frustrating if it just faces the personal computer, delivers the data for the digital as mere information, and some work buried in the network that should have been opened. Oh, I want to sharpen the data I am making with my hands! I want to paint color! Everyone will be surprised if you show it! It is hit by the impulse. So, it is unpopular to scrape resin, carve wood and start at home. It’s disturbing, it’s annoying, of course it’s obvious. But if you print out or just drop it on video, you still have a sense of blockage. If we were honestly digital, we thought that it would be nice if we could manipulate the artifacts as they were made in real time, show or touch each other at work or exhibition, and have hardware that can be used as such media. In 2005 I met “Xiroku · Touch” which was a prototype at that time.

Possibility to feel in an interactive interface

(Added in June 2013)
From the launch of ipad 10 years ago, I was doing this. In releasing MacOSX compatible drivers, I also did something like a tester. The story of prototyping a thing like 24 inch ipad is on the blog. It was remembered that it was not supported. Yes!
Possibility to feel in an interactive interface
He say, he sometimes makes prototypes using various sensors for show, though out of warranty.

Mr. Yoshiyuki Higuchi
Born in 1963. After going to America as a salaried worker, take a shock at seeing SGI’s video demo at the neighborhood culture class. I sold my love machine IIci, and then to Toronto. Master 3DCG at Bell Center @ Sentinel College. After returning to Japan, after independence through game production companies, publishing companies, etc. Hardware interface design, handmade a picture book etc.
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