CG designer · Keisuke Takai

By applying the technique of touch panel to the game, it is possible to refresh the operation feeling and to sharply reduce the distance to the player. It makes the existence of a device called a controller, which I felt like it was natural, to be very inconvenient and old-fashioned.
CG designer · Keisuke TakaiI got the opportunity to introduce it, I was advised by a acquaintance. There are companies that are developing interesting devices, but would you like to try it if you want to? What. I was wondering what will happen at the beginning, but I was surprised to see it actually used.
As I am from a game field, I often tend to think that only games are playing, but I do not do it at all. Especially the number of buttons to use recent games is too many to keep up with, the operation method is also completely different depending on the game. There are few games that you can play without reading the instructions. The contents are also complicated. Of course, because it is a game, I think that there are rules and it should be appropriate, but there are too many recent types of games that I can not play without understanding that rule.
We introduced a prototype of “Xiroku · Touch” and said that it became a good opportunity to look back on the original way of such a game.
“I wanted to make games that is more simple and easy for everyone, young and old and fun, friendly to people.”

A fourth device that removes existing concepts and predicts the future

I think that the touch panel itself is a certain technology from the past, but there is only an expensive image for business by all means, and even if you press the touch panel of the ticket vending machine of the station how much it does not react at all, is not it (laugh). Honestly I did not have the impression that I could use it much. When I first touched this, my impression has changed completely. I tried to draw a picture with my fingers, but it is quite smooth and the line does not blur at all, is it a finger? I was first impressed with the accuracy of picking up coordinates just like this though it is an about device.

We will further increase the attention in the event by pinching the paper printed with the brand name between the acrylic boards and pasting the original character pop onto the frame.

You can also sense multiple devices so you can pinch and extend objects in the screen with your thumb and forefinger. Such experiences can not be done with the touch panel up to now, so I feel that the range of expression spreads at once. You can also play two people at the same time in the game.
I think that it can be the fourth device after keyboard, mouse, tablet. Whether it’s a finger or a finger, whether it’s a banana or a grandson, anything is fine as long as you touch the screen.
After that, I’d like to work on making innovative content while exploring the possibility of touch panel. The idea is like a mountain, so do not be afraid to do the same thing as before. Afterwards it would be great if more users increased and each would be able to suggest how to use with their own ideas. I am looking forward to the future.
At the end this is a fine request, but actually I am left-handed. That’s why I’m making mouse settings for left-handers, but when I try to use the touch panel as it is it will be in the state of clicking backwards with the mouse. It is troublesome to switch the settings of the mouse each time, so I want you to be able to select dominant hands. After all OSX version please! I think that it is very unfriendly that I can not use it depending on the environment.

Mr. Keisuke Takai
After working as a game company, he became independent freelance designer. Acting in a wide range of fields from 3D to video. Main genres are CG animation · Flash movie production.