February 1, 2001 

Established Xiroku LLC. in Tsukuba City with capital of 5 million JPY

June 20 , 2002 

Capital increase to 10 million JPY, entity conversion carried out, and the name of the company Xiroku Inc.

February 17, 2003

Regarding the research and development of CMOS camera system equipped with writing position detection function, it is certified by Ibaraki Prefecture under the Act on Promotion of Creative Activities of Small and Medium Enterprises.

May 9, 2003

Incubation facilities set up on the premises of Tsukuba Research Support Center in Ibaraki Prefecture Move the development division to Tsukuba Startup Plaza

October 19 ,2005

Announce an interactive system business plan at Ibaraki Venture Market

January 6 , 2005

Xiroku’s retrofitted touch panel introduced on TV Tokyo’s World Business Satellite’s Trendy Egg.


back-installed camera type touch panel Xiroku-Touch is now on sale.   


Install a window-type touch panel in a paid toilet at the east entrance of Akihabara Station. 

February 1, 2007

Open of the East Sea Office at the Hitachi Naka Techno Center in Ibaraki Prefecture Hitachi naka city 

February 9 , 2007

An electronic induction pressure distribution sensor  introduced in TV Tokyo’s “Trendy Egg” of “World Business Satellite.”

February 13 , 2007

The world’s first electronic induction pressure distribution sensor ‘LL Sensor’ and ‘MM Sensor’ are released.

Development example

NHK TV Weather Forecast Large Touch Panel 

Panasonic Exhibition Hall 220-inch Panel

“Namco’s “”Mazan”” sword position sensor”


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