Sheet Sensor

LL sensor

Since the “LL Sensor” sensor sheet is durable and inexpensive, it incorporates it into various equipment according to the purpose of use, and connects it to make a large area floor sensor on the whole floor, etc. It is a product you can use in a wide range of fields – for security – sports analysis – game input equipment.
In addition, we have put into practical use “presence sensing” technology to grasp the shape and state of small and light products such as glass bottles, PET bottles and paper packs with sufficient accuracy.

【Example of use】
【Example of use】
· Input devices such as game machines
– Incorporating in a chair, measurement of seat pressure distribution
· Laying on the floor to analyze gait (continuously laying 800 x 600 sheets)
· Analysis of roller and press pressure
· Maintenance assistance for medical equipment such as rehabilitation and nursing care etc.

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