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Sheet Sensor

PRESSURE SHEET SENSOR by the electromagnetic induction system

Captured image from LL sensor

gPRESSURE SHEET SENSORh by the electromagnetic induction system.
It is simply constructed with the cell part vertically intersected by the coil and the metal sheet through the cushion. The electromagnetic coupling changes when the metal sheet, which reacts depending on the pressure, gets close to the cell part, and by detecting the coupling factor, the sheet displays the pressure of each cell independently

Xiroku Touch

 Module, External/Internal

Optical Touch Panel, Module, External/Internal

A complete kit of Optical Touch Panel System for display size from 32h to 120h.detale

* An optical sensor for touch panel with CMOS camera + controller. ( Module / frame)
* Unique image sensor in high speed, strong suppression to daylight and ambient light.
* Multi Touch operation / Windows 7 and 8


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